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I am a modern mummy from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) who is not afraid to laugh at herself. My baby was born on Halloween 2013 and is certainly keeping me on my toes. Expect funny stories, tips and tricks, far too many photos and lots of moaning about the boyfriend (he's alright really :D) I love a good chat and I am always happy to answer questions or give advice, so whether you want it public, private or anonymous I am all ears so get in touch!

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superkatnip Asked:
Yap. Kids that can play their parents off are the worst. :p I have my poor father wrapped around my finger and he knows it too, the poor man. But I love it when they copy you, cause you're like 'Yes!! They're taking after me! Gonna have myself a sweet little child!' But then they just know how to brake the rules better, they know when they have to be good and when they don't. But I find boys settle down about the age of 4 and a half to 5 years old. Then they're back to being the cutest things!!

My answer:

Ha im the same with my dad. I don’t even try to make him wrapped round my finger but he is! Me and my mum always laugh about it. Bless him. He always pretends he’s not. Like if we are all sat in the living room and i mention its really hot but can’t be bothered to open the window…my dad will get up, pretend he was going to get up anyway and open the window. My mum thinks its hilarious how he does everything for me. I can imagine Reid will have me wrapped round his finger ….and his dad. He just knows what he’s doing! Such a smart kid, it’s actually scary! Xx

Poorly mummy and baby. Both full of cold! He does give cuddles normally but not like this. He literally lay on my chest and stayed there the whole afternoon. He’s such a tough little guy so for him to be so poorly it’s really awful to see! It was the best cuddle ever but i wish my little guy wasn’t ill! I would take his cold as well as mine if i could :( x

Saw this and just had to share it! Ha. Thats right! I am a god damn delicious slice of pizza!! :D

superkatnip Asked:
Wait until he can talk, and I don't mean baby babble, I mean holding an actual conversation with you. It is the worst thing ever! You just want to hit refresh on them, like, 'no! Go back to being small and totally dependant on me!!' Though on the plus side it's also kinda cute, at nap-time my godson now tells me what he's going to dream about. Hold onto that lazy baby!! They're the best! They like to cling to you a lot more, it's the best! So much love and cuddles from lazy limpets.

My answer:

Awww i wish i could bottle up his cuteness!! Im not looking forward to when he answers back!! Ha and if he has my attitude when i was little then i am going to have a cheeky little bossy boots on my hands!! At the minute he is a total daddy’s boy and he just points and shouts at him all the time and if im doing something i.e. changing his nappy and hes not happy about it he will cry and shout for his dad!! The cheek! Ha. Although when hes tired its all mummy mummy mummy….he knows how to play us already!! He pretty much copies everything i do now, so if i dance he does, i blow a raspberry he does and if i sing so does he! He just copies everything now. He also thinks its absolutely hilarious to pump and actually pretends hes fillling his nappy for pure entertainment. He just chuckles away! Now im living with 2 gross boys!! Ha Xxx

My baby boy has cut 9 teeth and is only 10 and half months old… My wisdom teeth have been coming in for over 5 years now on and off and are literally just half way through and i honestly feel awful right now. I feel like crying! My baby boy has barely even cried or whinged once at 9 teeth but here i am lying faced down on the sofa asking the bf to find me some paracetamol! I need to man up…think its time for a trip to the dentist! Owwwww

This child makes me laugh so much!!! He is so clever!

You know your roots are bad when you find yourself wearing your hair up pretty much permanently!!

A shout out to my amazing bf!! We have a very very tough few months ahead of us which are going to be hell but our family is perfect so nothing can bring us down! We can get through it and will fight hard against all the crap thrown our way! Next month is especially hard for him and i will support him every single second. He is an amazing person, amazing bf and the best daddy ever. No one works harder than my guy and we deserve a break! Xx