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I am a modern mummy from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) who is not afraid to laugh at herself. My baby was born on Halloween 2013 and is certainly keeping me on my toes. Expect funny stories, tips and tricks, far too many photos and lots of moaning about the boyfriend (he's alright really :D) I love a good chat and I am always happy to answer questions or give advice, so whether you want it public, private or anonymous I am all ears so get in touch!

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Im assuming these were both from different people and if they were then that was a coincidence! Lol. So instead of replying seperately i thought i would just do it in one post.

So its literally his first birthday in 1 and half weeks, which i am totally not ready for! I have bought him far too many presents, so much so that i’ve had to start putting some away for christmss instead. I tried to steer clear of too many clothes as i knew others always buy clothes and wanted to get stuff he would actually appreciate. I took him around toy shops and actually let him tell me what he liked. I wanted to get stuff that actually interested him rather than stuff i wanted for him. So for his brithday there are too many presents to mention but some of his main ones are, cozy coupe police car with personalised plate, sand and water table, talking henry hugglemonster soft toy, a motorised ride on train with large track (not sure where the hell this will fit!ha), a ridiculously huge 5/6ft tall monkey teddy which he absolutely adoresss!!! I will have to share the video of when i let him have a little play with it early, it was so cute. There were loads more things and the list could go on. Ive only just started thinking about christmas but want to get his birthday and us moving house out the way first before thinking about christmas. We move on monday and have so much to sort out. I have already got him an outdoor infant slide and seesaw though for christmas and will be thinking about the rest of his xmas prezzies early november!
Thanks for the questions! X

Word of warning, if you bring my parenting skills and my child in to a harmless debate on facebook (which was totally unrelated) then expect to feel my wrath! And this was before all the swearing started! Ha. Any parent will agree, that people can say what they want about you, but bring your child in to it and you are ready to kill!! I will never let anyone put down my son or what i do. He IS my life and the one thing i know i have the right to be confident about is that i am a good mum!

Me :)

omglifeasamommy Asked:
What's your little one gonna be for Halloween :) ?

My answer:

Well his birthday is actually on halloween so not sure what we are doing exactly i.e. halloween wise. But i am going to my last baby group the wednesday before halloween (which actually makes me want to cry, i don’t want to stop going!) and its a halloween party. So he will be dressing up as sully from Monsters inc! (Photo to follow :D). His birthday on halloween, i think i will decorate the house etc but other than that i will just forget about halloween and make it all about his birthday and spoil him. His actual party is on the sunday 2nd so that he doesn’t clash with halloween parties.x

Anonymous Asked:
You're gorgeous

My answer:

Thank you :) x

So beautiful

X Adorable! X

My blog is 1 today!! Yayy :)

So much has happened since starting the blog. I am so glad i did and i have met some absolutely lovely people on here. There have been a few times when i seriously considered closing my blog down due to negativity, when i already had so so much to deal with. But i’m still here and not going anywhere :) The support i have had has been amazing and i loveee all the messages i have received. Thanks to all my lovely followers. Reid loves all the attention he’s been getting too and all the compliments :) xx

Anonymous Asked:
Sing and sign class? What's that?

My answer:

Sing and sign is when you sing whilst doing sign language. The sign language is actually makaton (sign language designed around children) most of it is the same but the odd sign is different. Its a really lovely class and we combine the signs with singing which obviously helps the children learn. If you use sign language regularly from an early age, children will actually learn to communicate earlier than babies who don’t learn to sign. All of my partner’s family are deaf (parents, aunties and uncles, cousins and so on) so i thought this class could be really beneficial for Reid and I. I’ve learnt so so much and now i sign all the time. I am not completelty fluent but know a lot now and i am pretty good :) Reid’s cousin who is not deaf is brilliant at signing and he has just turned 2. He has done it since he was about 14 months old so i want Reid to start learning as soon as possible. :)

Bored waiting for all his baby friends to arrive at his sing and sign class. So to keep him entertained we took lots of selfies :)