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I am a modern mummy from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) who is not afraid to laugh at herself. My baby was born on Halloween 2013 and is certainly keeping me on my toes. Expect funny stories, tips and tricks, far too many photos and lots of moaning about the boyfriend (he's alright really :D) I love a good chat and I am always happy to answer questions or give advice, so whether you want it public, private or anonymous I am all ears so get in touch!

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Another amazing day with my two boys!
We popped in to Smyths toy store to pick up one of Reid’s birthday presents and ended up staying in there an hour, playing and having loads of fun! We picked up the police car in the photo above, that i had ordered online and we ended up buying a gigantic monkey and a spiderman nightlight teddy as well!! We both said we had got enough presents for him, but its so exciting having your baby’s first birthday we just can’t stop buying him presents! I think you are allowed to really spoil them on their big birthdays :)
All the staff were joining in and getting all the teddies down off the shelves and just surrounding him with them making a huuuugggeee mess, and one picked up the big monkey and started chasing me and Reid round the shop! THATS what a toy shop SHOULD be like ha. I don’t think i’ve ever seen him laugh so much and thats saying something! We then went to my boyfriend’s sister’s house to spend time with all his cousins, his aunty, uncle and nana. They had hired a bouncy castle and he was loving it!! When we got home he was absolutely shattered and we had snuggles with a film. Then it was bed for him and a horror film whilst snuggled on the settee for me and the boyfriend. I’ve had the best weekend! So happy :)

Anonymous Asked:
You are absolutely stunning! Hot mama

My answer:

Thank you! :)

X Love X

I had such a lovely day out with my boys today! We went for afternoon tea at Beamish hall hotel which was soooo yummy. Then went for a walk nearbye to work off all the food. Then we went to the park and had a hot drink whilst little guy was watching the ducks and swans. Then finally we popped to my parents house for a cuppa. Now im snuggled on the settee with the bf having a glass of wine and lots of cuddles and the babba is fast asleep. This is how saturday’s should be!! :) Just a full day of family time! Just about to scout for houses on the internet and create the invite to little guys first birthday in 1 months time! So happy xxx

Found these photos of when my little guy was unwell. I just couldn’t stop taking photos of him, he was smiling away to the camera and giving the biggest cuddles. He is such a happy baby and that was the best cuddle i’ve ever had. So glad he is better now but miss him needing his mummy all the time. He does still like to snuggle and watch a full film with me which is just the best hour and half of my life! :) can’t believe he will be 1 next month. :( xx

Just baked some yummy treats for the boyfriend. Some flapjack and jaffacake cupcakes which are amazing! :)

Think i made a bit too much….

Apparently the squishy padding inside the nappies which absorbs all the wee has been bursting out when Changing him on a morning which means all the bits go everywhere, and its a nightmare to clean up and is just a mess. The boyfriend says its happened twice since using the mamia nappies from aldi. Which is weird as normally they have always been the best nappies for Reid and last the full night. So maybe it was just a dodgy batch of nappies… I hope it doesn’t keep happening as just bought 2 huugeeee boxes of them. All you mummies will understand why that would make me cry! Ha. I may have to buy a seperate box from a different brand for his night time nappies because they seem to be fine otherwise :s I would normally highly recommend those nappies to anyone but maybe they aren’t great for the night time use.

Love my little guy!! X

heelsforever Asked:
Ur so pretty and I love ur new hair style! Ur beautiful 😇😘😌

My answer:

Thank you :) xx