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I am a modern mummy from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) who is not afraid to laugh at herself. My baby was born on Halloween 2013 and is certainly keeping me on my toes. Expect funny stories, tips and tricks, far too many photos and lots of moaning about the boyfriend (he's alright really :D) I love a good chat and I am always happy to answer questions or give advice, so whether you want it public, private or anonymous I am all ears so get in touch!

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Having such a bad day!
I’ve been i’ll with pharyngitis for 4 days now and today I have been at my worst. I’ve had so so many offers to take little guy off me and look after him while im unwell and the bf was at work but i kept refusing. Even though i’ve had only 4 hours sleep and feel like crap i would rather be tired and exhausted looking after my baby boy than being sad and alone without him while i rest. So i just got on with it and tried to be a good mummy to the little guy still. Then i get a phone call from the bf to say he has been sent home from work with some sort of sickness bug…..completely different from my bug and so i pulled myself together to go pick him up from town. As soon as i got home i just started feeling worse and the bf literally passed out on the bed. I keep pretty much passing out every time i stand up and can barely swallow. So i made the decision to send my little babba to the grandparents which has really upset me. He has stayed away from me twice ever for 2 different date night occasions…. And as hard as it was i had a lovely time with the bf. I feel like a crappy mother handing him over to someone else to look after him and feel like i have failed. :( i would never just pass him off to someone else for a break unless i had to or for a rare occasion and i think this time it’s just necessary. Still doesn’t make me feel any less crap though. I was really looking forward to the bf coming home from work to give me a break but looks like im going to have to play nurse tonight instead. It’s going to be like some sort of comedy sketch with us both trying to look after each other…passing out loads. Such a fun evening ahead! I going to miss my little angel so much and i can’t stop crying. :,( I hate feeling like a useless mummy. :(

I’m full of cold today and this little guy has been trying to cheer me up all day! He is just too beautiful!!!

Sooooooo cute! This kid is crazy!

My very poorly little guy still manages to be smiley and cheeky even though hes really not well :( you can see his little red puffy eyes.

He is everything to me

I was tagged by babysandflowers to share photos of myself where i feel beautiful.

These photos aren’t my ‘best’ but unfortunately i haven’t got many photos on this phone anymore so heres the ones i like that are actually on here :) thanks for the nomination! And just to mention the photo of me in my hot pants is from a few years ago well before i was a mum!

Ok so you have to upload atleast 6 photos (more is better :D) of yourself that you like and feel beautiful in.

I nominate you gorgeous girlies:


As little guy has been a bit poorly today i decided to have a no makeup, snuggle on the sofa and watch movies day today with him. It was just heaven! Lots of blankets, lots of cuddles and kisses. He’s been coughing and sneezing away all day bless and looks all teary eyed but is still smiling :).
Btw i would love to say that cut on my chin was just a harmless spot but actually it was me being a total idiot and catching my chin with my ring which hurt like hell btw!! :(

My boyfriend is just ridiculously attractive!!!! I mean…who looks like this to go to work every day!? Add a baby to the equation and he almost becomes too attractive ha. 3 years together on 1st August! X

My poor little angel has a cold today. Makes me so sad :( so to help him build up his strength mummy and Reid shared a tub of strawberries :). They are his favourite….who said eating healthy can’t be yummy!

superkatnip Asked:
Your boy is just adorable! I just wanna cuddle him!

My answer:

Aw thank you! I agree and his cuddles are the best! X