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I am a modern mummy from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) who is not afraid to laugh at herself. My baby was born on Halloween 2013 and is certainly keeping me on my toes. Expect funny stories, tips and tricks, far too many photos and lots of moaning about the boyfriend (he's alright really :D) I love a good chat and I am always happy to answer questions or give advice, so whether you want it public, private or anonymous I am all ears so get in touch!

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Coolest kid ever!

Little guy playing with paint at baby group! Everyone was laughing at him as all the babies were screaming when being washed in the bucket and he just sat down lay back and was very chilled! This kid will have a bath anywhere! Ha he passed out the second i put him in the car bless!!

I know i promised more photos of me due to the requests so i am sorry i didn’t keep my promise. Heres a few of me :) i would much rather photograph my little guy than me, but i will do my best to do both :) xx


Sorry i totally forgot to reply to this! Better late than never! :)

I was actually given the outfit second hand from my aunty. It is a genuine disney item so i think it was from the disney store. I have seen similar ones in store before. I think it came with a top underneath but i can’t remember which top so i always just whack a vest on underneath. :)

You try one of your baby’s apple crisps to check that they are still fresh from being opened the day before and then you find yourself eating the full bag and opening a new one for your baby….they were tasty though

Coupon Queen Emma Mumford and I have been great friends for a while and wanted to have some friendly competition. So we decided to do an online shop for under £5 and see who could get the most;

Here are our results:

Francesca (Baby Bin Club)

I love any excuse to shop so naturally I welcomed the challenge of getting an online shop for under £5!

I could spend all day searching for deals online and I feel I am better at online deals than the coupon side of things.

Again I had already used up all of my clubcard vouchers and had to work hard to get the best deal without them. I used a combination of discount codes, special offers and alternative delivery options to get the best price. I used two different sites, the first one was and the second was and was very pleased with what I got and again I came under my budget.

Here’s what I bought:

On the Internet gift store site I got;

A Grey purse worth £15.99 which was reduced to only £2.99 in the sale. However I used a combination of discount codes, 5% cashback on Quidco, plus it is free delivery in August, to get it delivered for only £1.83. Delivery should have been £3.50.

On the La Redoute site I got: A t-shirt for my son worth £6, plus a pair of denim shorts for him worth £13 reduced to £6.50 in the sale. I used a code for £10 off making it only £2.50 for both and selected free click and collect.

The total shop should have cost £38.49 delivered/collected however I only spent £4.33 on everything.

Thats a total saving of around 89.1%!

The codes on the Internet gift store site I used are listed below however the Littlewoods code for £10 off sadly expired soon after I used it.

Here are the codes:

Facebook1 -50p off

ICLICKED - 10% off

1ST10 - 10% off

Make sure you have liked my page The Baby Bin Club for all the latest baby deals, bargains and mummy advice!

Emma Mumford (Coupon Queen’s Shop)

I wanted to really benefit from this challenge as with wanting to move out soon with my partner I am faced with the problem of buying furniture all over again. So could I really help furnish my new home for under £5 of course!

I was lucky enough to receive my Tesco Clubcard vouchers through the post on the day of our challenge also Tesco direct had a furniture sale, plus a discount code! This was extremely lucky and I took upon my challenge here are the goods I found what they are worth an what I paid;

Tesco Direct

- 1x 45L Underbed plastic storage box £7.50

- 1x Aqua metal outdoor tealight holder WAS £6 NOW £1.50

- 1x Ethnic Pattern Cushion Orange WAS £8 NOW £4

- 1x 3 shelf Bookcase large £19

- 1x 4pk Glasses £4 - 1x Photoframe WAS £1.20 NOW £1

RRP Before Discounts: £45.70

RRP After Discounts: £37

Used my £16 Clubcard Vouchers and doubled them up making £32 making it £5 with FREE C&C

As you can see by my pictures for £5 it is an amazing bargain shop and one which will really benefit me when moving out just to find a house with enough room for my stock pile!

That’s a 88.8% saving!


Make sure you follow Coupon Queen Emma Mumford:

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So there you have it Francesca has been crowned the WINNER of our Savvy Shopper Challenge (Online Shop)

Coupon Queen and Francesca have also completed a Coupon Savvy Shopper Challenge View it here:

I could literally take photos of this little guy all day!!! So beautiful

Proud mummy moment :) Reid is featured in Love it magazine! He is on the cute kid page! :) this kid is always appearing in some mag or newspaper! He can’t go anywhere without being papped! Ha

keiraandi Asked:
Do you have a savings page on Facebook? I swear I've seen your little boy on there!

My answer:

Yes i do!! :) great to hear the page is getting around :)

Here’s the link to my page, thanks for the message. Feel free to say hi on the page also :D